Birthday Parties


Did you know that your favorite Frozen yogurt shop does birthday parties!? We sure do now!!

But what about other people? We would like a private event, do you offer private events?

~ YES we sure do! we offer private birthday parties before our normal operating hours

What about the pricing? do you still charge per ounce?

We can charge by ounce still for your party needs or you are welcome to pay a flat rate per cup for each party goer! call ahead of time for pricing and we are more than happy to talk out pricing for you!

How many people can we have at out party at our favorite fro-yo shop?

Due to the size of our store we can accommodate no more than 35 people unless you include standing room only than we can accommodate a few more.

Now what about decorations?

WE love decorations! we do provide some basic decorations upon request but if you would like to use some of yours we are happy to let you in early to decorate!

What about your drinks? are the drinks included in the price?

For our bubble tea, fruit tea, smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate, soda pop and water it is not included in the price but we do offer discounts on drinks for the party people!

Can we bring outside food or drinks to our party?

You are welcome to bring in a cake for your party but other than that we don’t allow outside food or drinks in.

How much time do we need to give to throw the best party ever?

As early as you can! but no more less than 24 ours in advance. the earlier you call the more choices you have on the day you would like.

How much time do we get for the party?

We are happy to accommodate you and your party guests for up to 2 hours.

What about clean up?

We all know that on party day we like to just enjoy our time with the party so don’t worry about cleaning up! We have you covered!┬áIts all apart of the cost of the party!

What about allergies?

We do have some allergy foods in our store but if you let us know in enough time we can make an effort to remove some of the allergens (like peanuts or any nut product). We will always have non dairy options in our machines and we clean and sanitize every night to reduce the cross contamination that could occur.

What is the age of the birthday boy/girl to host a party at our favorite fro-yo store?

Is there an age where we cant celebrate? We don’t think so! One years old to 9999999999 years old we love to celebrate! but please do let us know the age of our birthday boy/girl!

Any other questions you may have please contact us and we are more than happy to answer them for you!