Field Trips

Teachers!! need somewhere to take your kids that is not only fun BUT Educational!?

We have you covered!

How is it educational?

Seeing how yogurt is made is always fun but we have not only a way to help your kids choose healthy and not so healthy options, but we also throw in a little science, allowing the kids to make their own frozen yogurt or popping boba!

What happens on this field trip?

Well a fun tour seems like a fun way to begin! we start by having you and your class see how we add our mix to the machines from the back and from there we go into the science of making your own frozen yogurt! after they make their own fro-yo we can add some more from the machines for different flavors! we will talk about healthy choices and what is a healthy topping and what is an unhealthy topping and what is a healthy choice. then once we have that fun we add toppings! fun part is that we get to eat the Fro-yo once we are done!

I think that might be a bit too advanced/ not challenging enough for my class, could you alter the field trip to meet our needs for our class?

Yes we can! As a former educator I understand that some field trips are to advanced or not challenging enough for the kids. when you book your field trip let me know of the age/ grade of your class and any other needs your class may have!

We have food allergies, how do we avoid those allergies from happening while visiting?

When you book a field trip with us you can let us know of any allergies for you or your class. we will also ask for 4-6 toppings of you (or your class’s choice) to have available to avoid the possible risk of the allergy.

Do we pay per ounce for the yogurt?

For our field trips we offer a flat rate for the experience. and because we love our teachers your cup is free! please contact us for pricing!

What times do you offer field trips?

We offer our field trips during the hours we are closed so its a private event.